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Product Details

Jgoal Prototype is a professional CNC machining factory in China, we have rich experience in Plasitc and Metal (Machining of Prototypes) Rapid prototyping and our services all over the world. .We are manufacturer of different produce designs and CNC prototypes, SLA rapid prototying,copy mockup,copper/aluminum mockups, small scale production, spraying, abrasive blasting,electroplate,oxidation 3D printing, Non standard parts making and tooling making

Product Description

Materials available:
RUBBER, Silicone
Metal-Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel,
Sheet Metal.
Available rapid
prototyping processes:
Prototype design
CNC rapid prototype; CNC machining servieces
SLA/SLS prototypes; 3D printer models
Silicone mould; injection molding; resin mold and vacuum
Lead time :
3-7 working days
Surface treatment
Paint, polish, silk-screen printing, anodize,
transparent surface,
translucent surface, brush, rubber oil, electroplat
Available format:
Pro/E, Solidworks, Unigraphics, CatiaAuto CAD, .IGS/.STP/.X_T/.PRT/.STEP/.STL
We focus on Rapid Prototyping for nearly 20 years.We have advanced equipment that can provide CNC Products , Rapid Products, 3D Printing,Injection Molding,Sheet Metal,Stamping,Pressure Casting and Finishing services. It's great to be willing to turn your great idea into reality.We guarantee to provide professional low volume customization rapid prototyping services with high-quality and most competitive price.

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