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Rapid Aluminium( CNC Machining)
 Schmit Prototypes’ CNC machining capabilities enable us to produce the finest, highly accurate parts, full-functioning engineering prototypes, piece parts and injection molds. Fast turnaround and high accuracy on CNC parts or molds can be achieved with a wide variety of materials. Using various materials during the concept stage of your prototype will allow your design team to closely simulate the final product appearance, yet still give the freedom to make changes. Our highly trained CNC machinists have the experience to help point out any problem areas for future part production.

Production process:
 1, programming. Programming is the first step in the production of the hand model. The programmer will analyze the 3D data of the product and program the programming language of the NC machining center.    
 2, CNC machining. Is the program language input to the computer which, through the order of the program for precise processing.    
 3, manual processing. After finishing the product after processing, at the same time to complete the work of proofreading the data, as well as the removal of burr, grinding and other processes, this process can be handled by hand.    
 4, surface treatment. Through a variety of ways to achieve the effects of different surface effects, in dealing with the time there are painting, electroplating methods, in individual cases there will be anodizing, drawing processing and so on.    
 5, assembly. In the opponent's board after processing the need for assembly and data detection, but before the surface treatment, the general is also the first test assembly work to ensure the performance of the equipment.    
 6, packaging. In the finished product after processing, it is necessary to carry out quality testing.
 Jgoal Prototype provides high-quality prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturing services. Our international team of engineers and managers have combined advanced manufacturing technologies with traditional manufacturing techniques to provide you with a one stop shop for all your manufacturing needs.

We offer custom-made services at industrial level to produce world-class quality products based on your great ideas.We provide professional careful packaging assembly services, to ensure that the product will not be damaged in transport. Our eight manufacturing plants are located within an hour's drive from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and our products can reach any corner of the world within three days. We are DHL's long-term strategic partners, our products rarely packet loss phenomenon. If our products are damaged or lost in transit, we will be 100% compensation.
 Imagine, one day you use our processed model products to confirm the appearance of the structural design, or to the world's major exhibitions exhibitors, access to a large number of orders to complete sales, open up new markets. Can be described as a small pay, to avoid a huge risk to a small investment to obtain large market returns to a small cost, in exchange for efficient development speed, the product to the market to seize the favorable business opportunities, and so on! This will be a very exciting thing.

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