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Adeno Antigen Rapid Test Product


Basic Info

Model NO.: 501020

Material: Plastic

Group: All Ages

Reading Time: Within 15 Minutes

Specimen: Feces

Transport Package: Carton

Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

Type: Rapid Test

Certification: CE, ISO13485

Principle: Lateral-Flow Immunoassay

Applied Location: Lab, Hospital, Clinic, Pharmacy

Trademark: StrongStep

Specification: 20 tests/box

HS Code: 3006300000

Product Description

1. High sensitivity & specificity proven

2. Rapid and Accurate

StrongStep® Adenovirus Antigen Rapid Test


Adenoviruses are medium-sized (90 to 100 nm), nonenveloped (naked) icosahedral viruses composed of a nucleocapsid and a double-stranded linear DNA genome. It is a group of virus that typically cause respiratory illness such as a common col, conjunctivitis, croup, bronchitis or pneumonia. It also usually causes infections in the respiratory tract and intestinal tract.


Studies show that rapid and accurate diagnosis of adenovirus-related gastroenteritis is helpful in establishing gastroenteritis in the etiology of gastroenteritis and related patient management. Other diagnostic techniques such as electron microscopy and nucleic acid hybridization are expensive and labor-intensive. Given the self-limiting nature of adenovirus infection, such expensive and labor intensive tests may not be necessary.

StrongStep® Adenovirus Rapid Test

StrongStep® Adenovirus antigen Rapid Test is a rapid visual immunoassay for the qualitative presumptive detection of adenovirus in human fecal specimens.

1. Accurate: 99.9% sensitivity, 99.4% specificity compared with Latex agglutination for Adenovirus rapid test

2. Rapid: Results come out in 15 minutes

3. Room temperature storage

4. Specimen