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Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which plastic material is forced into a mold cavity under pressure. Pelletized resins are fed into the injection molding machine, as well as any colorants required. The resins and colorants are introduced into an injection barrel where they are heated and melted. The material is then forced into the mold cavity where it cools. Once cooled, the part can be removed from the mold cavity.

Injection Molding Materials:
And many more
Little to no finishing is required on injection molded parts because the desired textures and finish levels are applied to the mold cavity.

Injection mold in the quality, delivery cycle, prices, the four elements of the service, an increasing number of users will give top priority to delivery cycle. injection mold request as soon as possible delivery company, which has become a trend. injection mold enterprises do everything possible to improve their ability to adapt and improve technical standards and improve the level of injection mold equipment, raise the level of management and efficiency are all reduced injection mold an effective means of production cycle.

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