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What Is SLS?
At Jgoal Prototype, we use a 3D printing process called SLS. This additive manufacturing process uses a high-powered laser to melt and fuse successive layers of powdered metal into three-dimensional solid parts. The advantage is that the more complex or feature rich the component, the more economical the process becomes.
Benefits of SLS
Consistency and Repeatability
To ensure consistent build quality,Jgoal Prototype has implemented stringent, proprietary process controls and procedures for executing builds, maintaining equipment, and handling materials. We maintain strict parameters for material traceability by monitoring the mixing and testing of powder before builds, tracking the thermal process during the build, and conducting post-process tensile bar testing.
Production Parts
Producing parts for production applications without tooling saves time and money. SLS has proven to be an affordable means to build durable, stable production parts in low quantities. It is also effective for high volumes of components when the designs are too complex for traditional manufacturing to execute.
Part Consolidation
Using SLS, engineers can incorporate multiple component designs into single structures. With the ability to produce complex features, undercuts, and internal features with ease, SLS can consolidate what once was a multi-part assembly into one part. SLS can eliminate the need for separate fasteners, mounting components, and adhesives, resulting in substantial weight reduction compared to conventional assemblies.
Jgoal Prototype provides high-quality prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturing services. Our international team of engineers and managers have combined advanced manufacturing technologies with traditional manufacturing techniques to provide you with a one stop shop for all your manufacturing needs.
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