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Electroplating method
 Electroplating into hanging plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating, etc., mainly to be plated with the size and volume related. Hanging plating for general size products, such as car bumper, bicycle handlebar and so on. Barrel plating for small pieces, fasteners, washers, pins and so on. Continuous plating for the production of wire rod and strip. Brush plating for local plating or repair. Electroplating solution with acidic, alkaline and added with chromium acid and neutral solution, no matter what kind of plating methods, and products to be plated and plating bath contact plating, hanging, etc. should have a certain degree of Versatility.
Coating classification editing
According to the composition of the coating can be divided into a single metal coating, alloy coating and composite coating three categories.
 If the purpose of classification, can be divided into:
 ① protective coating;
 ② protective decorative coating;
 ③  decorative coating;
 ④ repair coating;
 ⑤ functional coating
 Single metal plating
 Single metal plating has been 170 years of history, the periodic table has 33 kinds of metal can be prepared from aqueous solution electrodeposition. Commonly used electro-galvanized, nickel, chromium, copper, tin, iron, cobalt, cadmium, lead, gold, silver and other l0 species. In the cathode at the same time the deposition of two or more elements formed by the coating for the alloy coating. The alloy coating has a structure and properties not possessed by a single metal coating, such as an amorphous Ni-P alloy, an alloy having no special appearance on the phase diagram, a particularly high corrosion resistance and excellent weldability , Magnetic alloy coating and so on.
Composite plating
Composite plating is the process of adding solid particles to the bath and co-depositing with a metal or alloy to form a metal-based surface composite material to meet specific application requirements. According to the electrochemical properties between the coating and the base metal classification, electroplating layer can be divided into anodic coating and cathodic coating two categories. Where the coating metal relative to the base metal potential is negative, the formation of corrosion when the coating micro-battery anode, so called anode coating, such as iron and steel on the galvanized layer; and coating metal relative to the base metal potential is positive, The formation of corrosion micro-cell coating for the cathode, so called cathodic coating, such as iron and steel on the nickel layer and tin layer.
 By use classification can be divided into:
 ① protective coating: such as Zn, Ni, Cd, Sn and Cd-Sn and other coatings, as resistant to corrosion of the atmosphere and a variety of corrosion environment coating;
 ② protection. Decorative coating: such as Cu-Ni-Cr, Ni-Fe-Cr composite coating, both decorative and protective;
 ③  decorative coating: such as Au, Ag and Cu. Sun imitation gold plating, black chrome, black nickel coating;
 ④ repair coating: such as electroplating Ni, Cr, Fe layer to repair some of the high cost of wear parts or processing of ultra-poor pieces;
 Cr, Pt-Ru and other high-temperature anti-oxidation coating; Ag, Cr and other reflective coating; black chrome, platinum and other high-temperature anti-oxidation coating, such as Ni, Fe, Black nickel and other anti-reflective coating; hard chromium, Ni. SiC and other wear-resistant coating; Ni. VIEE, Ni. C (graphite) wear-resistant coating; Pb, Cu, Sn, Ag and other weldability coating;

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