High Precise Small Order Pressure Casting Alloy Parts

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What Is Pressure Die Casting?
 Pressure die casting is an ideal method for making large quantities of metal parts with excellent surface finish and dimensional stability. We provide cast parts in aluminum, zinc and magnesium.

Advantages Of Die Casting
 1. Good product quality
 Casting size precision, generally equivalent to 6 to 7, or even up to 4; surface finish is good, generally equivalent to 5 to 8; strength and hardness is higher, the intensity of sand casting than the general increase of 25 to 30% Rate reduced by about 70%; dimensional stability, good interchangeability; can cast thin-walled complex castings. For example, the current minimum thickness of zinc alloy die-castings up to 0.3mm; aluminum alloy castings up to 0.5mm; minimum casting aperture of 0.7mm; minimum pitch of 0.75mm.
 2. High production efficiency
 High productivity, such as domestic JⅢ3 horizontal cold die casting machine can be an average of eight hours 600 to 700 times, small hot chamber die-casting machine can be an average of every eight hours of die-casting 3000 ~ 7000 times; die-casting long life, Die-casting bell alloy, the life of up to hundreds of thousands of times, or even millions of times; easy to achieve mechanization and automation.
 3. Economic effect is fine
 Due to the precise size of the die casting, table Pan Guangjie and so on. Generally no longer mechanical processing and direct use, or processing volume is small, it not only improves the metal utilization, but also reduces a lot of processing equipment and working hours; casting prices will be easy; can be combined with other metal or non-metallic materials . Saving both assembly man-hours and metal savings.

Die casting mold tools can be somewhat more expensive and difficult to make, but the price for each part produced is low, so it’s suited for larger production runs
 Surface finish and dimensional stability are excellent
 Complex geometries can be made that require little or no post-machining
 It is great for medium to larger sized parts that would be slower and more expensive to machine

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