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About CNC Machining
1) Material: stainless steel, iron, copper or aluminum etc;
2) Surface treatment according to customer's requirements can be polishing,zinc plating, nickel plating or chrome plating, acid washing etc;
3) Main equipment: CNC lathe, automatic lathe, hand lathe grinder, thread rolling machine, tapping drilling machine etc;
4) Advanced measuring & testing equipment: Projecting apparatus, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester etc;
5)Precision machining metal parts in OEM/ODM specifications
6) Equipment for consistent quality control in accordance with customers' specifications
7)Machining Processing Methods: CNC Machining, General Engineering, Turning, Drilling, Polishing, Knurling,Tapping, Threading, Burnishing, Slab Milling, Face Milling and End Milling

Cutting processing, methods include milling, hobbing, gear shaping, gear-shaping, shaving, broaching, punching tooth, lapping, polishing teeth, honing,etc
Non-cutting processing, methods include cold-toothed, hot tooth, casting and molding,etc.
CNC Lathes
Press Machines
Milling Machines
Machining Center
Hobbing Machines
Grinding Machines
Gear Shaper Machine
radial drilling machine
Air Press Machines
Tread Rolling Machines
Desktop Tapping Drill Machines
Wire-elctrode cutting machine

Our Advantages
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