High Precision CNC Machining Stainless Steel Prototyping Sets

Product Details

1) Material: stainless steel, Carbon steel,plastic, copper or aluminum etc;
 2) Surface treatment according to customer's requirements can be polishing,zinc   plating,sand blasting oxidation,nickel plating or chrome plating, acid washing etc;
 3) Main equipment: CNC lathe, automatic lathe, hand lathe grinder,
 CNC milling processing center,wire cutting,tapping drilling machine etc;
 4) Advanced measuring & testing equipment: Projecting apparatus,roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester etc,Coordinate measuring instrument;
 5)Precision machining metal parts in OEM/ODM specifications
 6) Equipment for consistent quality control in accordance with customers' specifications
 7)Machining Processing Methods: CNC Machining, Wire cutting ,Turning,DrillinPolishing, Knurling,Tapping, Threading, Burnishing, Slab Milling, Face Milling and End Milling
How to place order?
1:Contact us,you can sent email to us.
2:Tell us what products need processing.
3:Sent processing artwork to us, should have size, material,quantity, if have other requirements,such as surface treatment,hot treatment, assembling, please mark on  artwork.
4:After received artwork, our engineer will caculate price according to artwork, and will tell you price and prduction time.
5:Please tell us your detail address, We agreed to decide which courier to use
6:After confirm production information and price, please place order here.
7:After you place order and paid, we will start producing, and will tell you a delivery time.
8:After finished production, will ship goods by express.
9:After receive goods,please check whether package are well, goods are well.
10:If everything are well, please confirm payment to us.
We are committed to your 100% Satisfaction with  us .

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