High Quality Oem Precison Design CNC Rapid Plastic Prototyping

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Product Description
Established in 1997, Jgoal Prototype has nearly 20 years of engineering and manufacturing experiences in CNC, 3D Printing, Injection Molding,Sheet Metal ,stamping,Pressure Casting, Finishing and many other technologies. By using advanced technologies and rich knowledges, Jgoal Prototype dedicated to help our clients to optimize their current program, to adopt new design methodsand to bring tremendous changes on their view of manufacturing. We not only build parts, but also provide our clients with perfect and professional solutions.
Whether it's a complex detailed model or thousands of production parts, we could meet our clients' most demanding deadlines.
These resources enable us to conduct small batch production and a large-scale injection model appearance on painting. We also can create and deliver 3D printing for rapid prototyping including the production of concept and presentation models from STL files.
We can make everything into reality.Since we own the excellent clerks,advanced machines and rich experience, we can make everything.
Most of our products are exported to different places in the world.Exporting takes over 90% of annual sales. The main countries and regions are: USA 20%, Europe 20%, Japan 15%, Korea 8%, South Aisa 8%,  Oceania 15% and other 14%.All the products had been got favorable reputation from the customers.

Our advantages:
CNC machining is great to meet a range of your product development needs. Here are some of the benefits of precision machining:
1 We insist on route of middle-top grade, and we follow the principle of quality is more important than price.
2 The detail quotation is due to your requirements.
3 Precision :
CNC tolerance: +/-0.005mm;
WC tolerance:+/-0.003mm ;
EDM Mirror tolerance:+/-0.003mm;
Precise Grinding Machine:+/-0.001mm.
4 Quick removal of large amounts of metal material
5 Highly accurate and repeatable
6 Suitable for many different kinds of substrates
7 Scalable volumes from one to one-hundred thousand
8 Low investment in tooling or preparation costs
9 Economical
10 Fast turnaround

If you are looking for a rapid prototyping fast manufacturing company with high-quality and most competitive price, Jgoal Prototype will be your best choice!
Contact our team for a free quote.Please send a drawing to sales@jgoal-prototype.com, the quotation will be provided within 24H.
Jgoal Prototype, Service Worldwide.
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