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Stereolithography (SLA), is the 3D printing process most commonly used by Jgoal Prototype to create master patterns for urethane casting. SLA parts can also easily be finished and painted to be used for visual models. SLA parts are usually built with a 0.004″ layer and build quickly on our two 3D Systems iPro 8000’s.

Jgoal Prototype became one of the pioneers of 3D printing technology in China introducing our first SLA machine in 2005. We now offer both SLA and SLS manufactured prototypes and parts.
SLA: Stereolithography is an additive technology which allows you to print 3D models of your parts direct from your CAD files in a matter of hours. SLA parts are incredibly accurate and provide the finest surface finish available via current 3D printing technologies. It works by fusing a liquid resin together via combination of computer controlled laser and mirrors.
Build Envelope: 450x450x300mm
Resolution: ± 0.05mm
Materials: EP06, Somos 14120, others on request

We offer custom-made services at industrial level to produce world-class quality products based on your great ideas.We provide professional careful packaging assembly services, to ensure that the product will not be damaged in transport. Our eight manufacturing plants are located within an hour's drive from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and our products can reach any corner of the world within three days. We are DHL's long-term strategic partners, our products rarely packet loss phenomenon. If our products are damaged or lost in transit, we will be 100% compensation.

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